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Exciting News…

So! We are glad to announce that Hip-hop Heroines were awarded funding of £2400 from Strabucks and UK Youth action.

After making it through to the final stages of the Starbucks youth action round; two of the peer mentors and one of the workshop leaders from the project gave a fantastic pitch to the panel of judges.

This means that Hip-Hop Heroines will be able to take all the participants to a professional recording studio so they can record their original songs and also means we can afford to put on a fantastic musical showcase at the end of the project!  

Future Fires; And the training begins!!

As mentioned previously, Hip-Hop Heroines is part of larger programme based at Contact called Future Fires.Being a part of this programme means that I get a lot of support with my project in terms of training and funding. 

The first Future Fires training session proved to be a very insightful and enjoyable weekend. The group luckily got to spend two weekends with three members from the Brazilian cultural group Afro Reggae who are based in Rio de Janerio and are known internationally  for their pioneering work in taking young people out of the drug/gang culture of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas (shantytowns). Their mission is 'to promote social justice using art and education to bridge differences and create the foundations with which to build sustainability and exercise citizenship .’

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Re:Verb Manchester’s new Hip-hop collective

Re:Verb is a young, fresh and vibrant hip-hop collective, founded by the charity RECLAIM; made up of eight members ages 14-23. They aim to create music that is inspirational yet challenges young people to make a difference in society. 

‘We feel that hip-hop is full of negative stereotypes, especially bad images of women and we want to change that.’  (Jaimeel  age 16 member of Re:Verb)

They are all very passionate about what they do and they feel that it is important that their music is fun and lively but also encourages young people to take responsibility for their actions. They are heavily influenced by all types of music and love creating new and innovative sounds.

Re:Verb will be very much involved with Hip-Hop Heroines as 7 out of the 8 members are female and are also passionate about changing the way women are seen in Hip-hop. They will be assisting the younger participants involved with songwriting and helping with leading musical workshops!!

Keep an eye out for their E.P that will be released later on this year!!

Introducing Hip-Hop Heroines

Hip-Hop Heroines
is a music project aimed at young girls who want to change the way women are represented in the music industry, especially within the genre of hip-hop music. 

This project will work with girls aged 13-16 in pressurised communities across Manchester. The sessions will directly benefit young girls by turning the spotlight on them by reinforcing some of the positives about being young women in an urban environment; without having to conform to any stereotypes.

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